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Enrichment Classes

We are excited to offer the following Enrichment Programs at Miraleste Early learning Academy. We will be offering a 2, 3, or 5 day Enrichment Program. Please see the MELA brochure for prices.  Enrichment Programs are an extension of your contract. Children are welcome to sign up for enrichment on their contracted days, however, spaced is limited.  If your child is interested in attending our enrichment classes, please sing up in the office with Ms. Mary Ellen. If your child is enrolled in the 11-hour program, there is a separate fee for questions, please contact Ms. Mary Ellen at (310) 732-0922 ext . 200 or stop by the office.



  Mondays - Sports


Fun-time Gymnastics has been in business for almost 20 years. This company takes pride in providing large motor experiences for the children.  The children are able to test their flexibility and gross motor coordination . They will be exposed to basketball, soccer, t-ball, golf, tennis, and a variety of other sports.



  Tuesdays - Music

Early Music Express is a company that has spent years developing their own original and wonderful music curriculum. Early Music Express visits preschool and elementary school programs and offers 30-minute Classes.  Mr. Andy is the owner and operator of Early Music Express. Mr. Andy plays musical instruments and comes to each class session equipped with a variety of instruments, songs, section stories, movement activities for the children, and a variety of multicultural experiences for the children as well.  Children are actively involved and engaged during each class time.

  Wednesdays - Cooking

Cooking is a hands-on experience designed for children 2-5 years old. The children will be able to explore a variety of simple cooking projects. This class is taught by a MELA staff member. The children will have one cooking activity per session and will be using a variety of foods to create their project. These cooking sessions will encourage the children to explore new foods and each child is directly involved with the activity; measuring and mixing and putting it all together. The children will have the opportunity to enjoy the food they are working with during the class session. 


  Thursdays - Art 2 Grow On

Art 2 Grow on is a hands on educational art class designed for children 2 -5 years old. The children will be able to explore a variety of simple and basic fundamental art skills. The class is instructed by the trained staff from Art 2 Grow On.  A Hands- on approach will be taken with each project. The children will complete 1 project per session.  The children will be exploring art through a variety of mediums each week, including paints, clay, wood, and textiles. These sessions encourage children to use their fine motor skills and allows them to express themselves through their individual art project.

  Fridays - Fun-Time Gymnastics

Fun-time gymnastics is the same company that teaches our Sports class. The company has been in business for over 20 years and takes pride in providing children the opportunity to use their large motor skills during the session each week .They will be exposed to obstacle courses, dance exercises, balance beams, and basic tumbling such as front and back rolls. They will also work on basic motor skills (jumping, hopping, and running), and much more. Fun-Time Gymnastics has hired and trained exceptional teachers who love working with young children.